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Next Generation Network Connectivity

Connect business locations securely and directly with dedicated bandwidth." Our Leased Line Service connects business locations, regional centres, data hubs, and other locations via a balanced, two-way channel. This point-to-point stable Leased Line connection is critical for businesses. We are one of India's leading Leased Line service providers, offering a dependable Leased Line network with secure routers at a low infrastructure and maintenance cost. For anyone who requires a private data circuit between two or more locations, the TTBS Ultra LOLA provides measurable competitive advantages.

  • Smart Internet
  • Smart VPN MPLS
  • EZ Cloud Connect
  • Leased Line - P2P
  • Hub Connect
  • Tata Tele Wifi
  • Ultra-LOLA
  • L2 Multicast Service
  • Business Broadband
  • SmartOffice


Ultra-Flexible, Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Communication

Tickets for Stakeholders Help Desk is a cloud-based solution that simplifies customer support activities by providing end users with a single point of contact for assistance with a variety of issues. Users can log in and submit tickets for technical and non-technical problems. TCS iON technology powers the technology.

  • Centrex
  • Hosted Contact Centre
  • Mobile Service
  • PRI
  • SIP Trunk
  • SmartOffice
  • International Bridging Service

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Services to the next level

Cloud computing and software as a service ensuring that you are always connected. Enterprises are increasingly relying on Cloud services to offer efficient, dependable, and high-quality data.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Workspace
  • Amazon AWS


SAAS & Cloud

Your valuable customer information resource Cloud CRM enables businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their customers. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the starting point for all customer-related information in a user-friendly cloud-based application. When a customer journey begins with a simple prospect and is nurtured systematically, it can blossom into a loyal customer.

  • Microsoft 365
  • SmartFlo
  • Cloud CRM
  • Fee Collector
  • Help Desk with Live Chat
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Digital Survey
  • Document Management System
  • Zoom, Conferencing
  • Webcasting Services
  • Document Management System
  • International Bridging Service


Conferencing, Calling Card, Call Center & Business Support

Effective cross-border business communication. International Bridging Service (IBS) connects organisations to any international location or conference bridge by providing bridging services. Our IBS allows you to connect your employees to international destinations even if they do not have ISD capability on their phones.

  • Global SIP
  • Teams Integration
  • International Toll free Number
  • Universal Toll Free Number
  • Omni Channel Solutions


Mobility and Internet of Things

Your gateway to an intelligent transport system

  • Smart Bike Tracking
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Cloud Chain Monitoring
  • E-Lock
  • Vi™ AIS 140
  • Vi™ AIS 156
  • Vi™ e-SIM
IOT Devices Born Connected


National Toll Free/ International TFS/ UNIVERSAL TFN

Live Chat on the Internet Tata Tele Business Services presents Live Chat, powered by TCS iON technology. A chat application that allows businesses to keep in real-time contact with their consumers and users for lead creation and customer service. A simple, scalable, and comprehensive platform for conducting multi-channel and multi-lingual surveys. Based on the analytics provided by the product, make informed business decisions.

  • Toll Free Services
  • Call Register Services
  • Digital Survey
  • Hosted Call Centre
  • Hosted IVR
  • Hosted OBD Service
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Solutions


Powered with integrated security platform tools, capabilities and services designed to protect critical assets.

Endpoint security for any size company"Endpoint security refers to cyber security services for network endpoints. Antivirus, email filtering, web filtering, and firewall services are among the services provided.

  • Email Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Web Security
  • Multifactor Authentication

Computer Solutions

  • ◾ FTP Servers
  • ◾ Proxy Servers
  • ◾ Online Game Servers
  • ◾ Web Servers
Virtualization Solutions

  • ◾ Server Virtualization
  • ◾ Business Continuity
  • ◾ End-User Computing
  • ◾ Management Operations
  • ◾ Mobility
  • ◾ Software Defined Network
  • ◾ Cloud
ILM & Cloud Solutions

  • ◾ Backup / Recovery
  • ◾ Email Archival
  • ◾ Enterprise Storage
  • ◾ BCP & DR
  • ◾ Hyper Convergence
  • ◾ Smart Data Centers
  • ◾ Cloud Backup Solutions
Networking Solutions

  • ◾ Data Center Switching
  • ◾ Routing
  • ◾ UC - Unified Comms
  • ◾ Wireless
Cyber Security Solutions

  • ◾ App Delivery / Link Load Balancery
  • ◾ Web, Data & Messaging Security
  • ◾ Vulnerability Assessment
  • ◾ Asset Management & Mobility
  • ◾ Enterprise Data Privacy (DLP & IRM)
System Security Solutions

  • ◾ UTM / Firewall
  • ◾ Proxy, Caching, WAN Opt
  • ◾ NAC & LAN Security


OSP Related Telecom Infrastructure Audit & Certificate

Other Service Provider (OSP) license from the Department of Telecom is required for a business engaged in domestic or international BPO & Call Centres. We assist in obtaining the required DOT OSP License.

  • OSP Teams
  • Telecom Regulatory Guidelines
  • VNO (Virtual Network Operator) License
  • ISP License

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