Use Centrex to Easily Connect All Your Offices

The Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) Centrex solution provides your company with the fully managed telephony service that the changing business landscape demands. Businesses may acquire a fully managed telecommunications service, whether at new facilities or when upgrading or enhancing an existing system, for little to no capital outlay, thanks to the TTBS Centrex solution. Our IP Centrex connectivity mimics an EPABX to offer sophisticated EPABX functionality without the need to purchase one. The TTBS Centrex phone system employs its own suitable lines for continuous service backed up by industry 1st SLA promise.

Benefits of Using Centrex Service from Tata Tele Save up on your business expenditures and enjoy a hassle-free telecommunication service across your office locations.

  • Multi-Office Connectivity
  • Multi-party Conference service
  • Services like Call Hold, Call Line Identification, Call Forwarding etc. available
  • Enhanced Security with Dynamic Locking
  • Authentication Code to Prevent Unauthorized Use