Hosted Contact Centre


Scale Your Business At Will With Zero Infrastructure Costs With Call Center Solutions

Businesses today have largely embraced the growing significance of call center solutions and the part they play in delivering outstanding customer experiences. A whole range of call center solutions are available from Tata Tele Business Services, and they are made to accommodate the requirements of companies of all sizes. Our specialist contact center software aids agents in maintaining productivity and gaining a thorough understanding of the consumer. Our call center solutions may be swiftly setup without any infrastructure requirements and are remote-ready.

Benefits of Using Call Center Services from Tata Tele As a business, it is important that you provide excellent customer support and service. This can be achieved by using the best call center services that are available. Tata Tele Business Services offers a wide range of call center features that can help you improve your customer experience.

  • With our multi-level IVR system, you can route calls to the right department.
  • You can use our call analytics tool to track crucial customer interactions.
  • Automation features help you save time on repetitive tasks and improve productivity.
  • Our auto dialer feature ensures that your agents are always connected with customers.
  • With daily email reports, you can keep track of your call center’s performance.
  • Call recording allows you to listen to customer calls and identify areas of improvement.
  • Real-time notifications keep you updated on the status of your call center at all times.
  • Leverage unlimited channels or unlimited concurrent calls on the same number.