Smart Office


SmartOffice®: An Innovative Single Box Solution that Is All-In-One

A Wise Option for Businesses Prepared for the Future

Without the difficulties of buying various equipment or contacting multiple service providers, power up your new office or a branch. A cutting-edge single box solution called SmartOffice® gives organizations access to Voice, Data, Storage, and Apps. With SmartOffice®, a company may establish a new office or a branch operation without having to spend money on several devices or contact various service providers. It is the ideal choice for people wishing to make a wise choice because it is an economical, dependable, and simple-to-deploy solution.

Benefits of Using Smart Office Service from Tata Tele All-in-One Innovative Single Box solution offering voice, data and apps which is easy to deploy, reliable and affordable.

  • SLA Backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk
  • Dedicated Bandwidth for High-Speed Internet Connectivity
  • Save Up on Expenses like CAPEX and Related AMC Charges
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Firewall, Router and DHCP Server
  • Integrated Connectivity for PSTN Voice and Internet Bandwidth
  • Plug and Play Box with Web-Based GUI