Google Workspace


Everything you need to get work done, in one place

Work from anywhere, flexibility, and hybrid workplaces are trendy terms that describe changes in how we conduct business today. In this context, TTBS provides to you Google Workspace, which effortlessly integrates with all the essential apps of work, like email, chat, phone and video calling, collaboration, storage, task management, security tools etc. The TTBS service guarantee, specialised plans, and solutions that address all of your data, voice, productivity, security, and cloud requirements are also included.

SMBs nowadays require affordable, secure, and fast collaboration solution which can scale effortlessly and enhance productivity. You can safely and easily connect with your team, clients, and partners using Google Workspace products, no matter where you are. You can effortlessly manage your tools, reduce costs, and safeguard your company with enterprise-grade security with this leading industry solution. Google Workspace is designed to improve cooperation and innovation while also enhancing communication and efficiency.

Benefits of Using Google Workspace from Tata Tele Business Services Google Workspace business solutions seamlessly integrate everything that you need for your business in one secure place.

  • Boosts collaboration with tools designed for work from anywhere
  • Helps connect and collaborate with team, customers, and partners
  • Helps you manage your tools easily and reduces costs
  • Helps protect your business with enterprise-grade security

Advantages of Tata Tele Business Services.

  • Technical Support: Faster resolution of requests and total transparency and Technical Support
  • Google Certified Team: Access to qualified and certified deployment team with years of experience
  • One-Vendor Convenience: One trusted vendor for data, voice, productivity, security and cloud solutions
  • Focused Solutions for SMBs: Award-winning ICT solutions across the value chain to help SMBs grow faster