Content Delivery Network


Delivering High-Quality Content Quickly

CDN offers one of the most modern network services for content delivery and delivers the exact, scalable solution you need to accelerate. It quickly delivers web information to consumers by copying or caching it on several servers and directing it to users depending on proximity thanks to an interconnected system of computers. Prepare to grow your audience and cash streams.

Benefits of Using Content Delivery Network Service from Tata Tele Deliver content in different formats across the world, on the core of a Global Tier1 network with points of presence in 200 countries.

  • Deliver Live Content on Any Device, Anywhere
  • Control Costs With Low Capital Investment
  • Avoid Challenges of Scaling Infrastructure
  • Focus on the Competencies Central to Your Business
  • Go to Market Faster with Easy Deployment Services
  • Leverage Internet to Reach Vast Geographies