Global SIP

A Launch of Global SIP Connect by Tata Communications

To provide enterprise customers with global connectivity alternatives in some nations, Global SIP Connect makes advantage of the global infrastructure of Tata Communications, which eliminates the need to manage numerous domestic and foreign service providers. Additionally, it means that businesses can expand and increase capacity in a seamless manner to meet changing business needs. A consistent, high-quality service experience will benefit users as well. The ability to make domestic and international calls to coworkers from home, the office, or while travelling thanks to its interoperability with the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform promotes teamwork and lays the groundwork for higher levels of contact.

In addition to the US, UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, domestic SIP trucking services with PSTN access are soon to be offered in Asia. A wide range of other services are also provided by Global SIP Connect, including local numbers in over 300 cities and 45 countries, Toll Free coverage in over 105 countries, and local numbers in over 45 countries. The service is backed by a wide-ranging global footprint, enabling businesses to benefit from scale economies of scale that are unmatched in the market by utilising the next-generation services supported by Tata Communications' extensive global network.

  • Enabling O365 tenant for voice
  • Configure Tata GSIP trunks to Microsoft phone system
  • Fraud Management
  • 24/7 GSIP support