International Toll Free Number

Adaptability and global coverage Make your offering better.

To satisfy your demands internationally, Tata Communications offers you a full range of international toll-free services. Your demands for conferencing, calling cards, call centers, and business support applications can be met at one location. You can receive toll-free calls from payphones, landlines, or mobile phones in more than 90 countries with our International Toll-Free Service (ITFS).

Key Benefits

  • Global access protection (more than 105 countries)
  • Excellent call services
  • Affordable prices
  • Short end-to-end lead time for provisioning
  • Fault reporting and online provisioning tool
  • Adaptability of the delivery of ANI, OLI, and CLI
  • Access through TDM or VoIP
  • Changing to Tata Communications while keeping your toll-free numbers the same
  • Public switched termination or direct connection from one of our voice PoPs, allowing you to terminate conversations anywhere