Smart Bike Tracking 

Solution for Tracking Smart Bikes

The Bike Tracking Solution is a real-time GPS-based monitoring tool that can be used to any two-wheeled vehicle, including bikes and scooters.

Problems in the Industry

  • Vehicle theft and damage
  • high costs for maintenance
  • delivery is delayed
  • bike tracking


  • Bike OEMs Logistics - last-mile delivery Food delivery
  • 2W bicycle rental businesses

Typical Bill of Materials

  • Telematics tool
  • Application integrations and deployment SIM License to application Admin and user access control AMC

Solution Features

  • Real-time car tracking using common tracking tools
  • credentials for access depending on products and categories
  • Trip Records
  • development of geo fences and rule-based warnings
  • Configuration of the speed limit and notifications
  • Saves battery life when in sleep mode
  • A third-party application interface for trip capture is ready for SAP.
  • Android based Mobile Apps