Asset Tracking

Through GPS & BLE-based sensors connected either within the container or consignment, asset tracking solutions actively keep track of all assets, obviating the requirement for human labour to be physically present.

Problems in the Industry

  • Theft of expensive stuff
  • The location of the goods cannot be seen
  • delivery is delayed
  • Assets tracking

Typical Bill of Materials

  • Asset Management Tool
  • Control of SIM License to application admin and user access
  • deployment and integration
  • AMC

Typical Bill of Materials

  • Telematics tool
  • Application integrations and deployment SIM License to application Admin and user access control AMC

Solution Features

  • Actual time Asset tracking using common tracking tools
  • credentials for access depending on products and categories
  • Alerts for potential theft
  • development of geo fences and rule-based warnings
  • Ability to integrate APIs
  • Reports
  • Web/mobile app
  • Door open warning
  • detection of shock