Cloud Chain Monitoring

Solutions for Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring solution is a temperature controlled supply chain that is used to preserve and extend the shelf life of goods like sea-food, frozen food, other perishable goods, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Industry Challenges

  • Spoilage of goods due to excessive humidity
  • No visibility on the temperature of perishable goods during transit
  • Opening of doors affecting the temperature

Standard Bill of material

  • Device/Gateway
  • Temperature / Humidity / Door sensors*
  • SIM
  • License to application
  • Admin and user access control
  • Integrations and deployment AMC

Solution Features

  • Actual time Asset condition tracking using common tracking tools
  • credentials for access depending on products and categories Alerts when humidity or temperature
  • limitations exceed predetermined levels
  • development of geo fences and rule-based warnings
  • Ability to integrate APIs Reports
  • Web/mobile app
  • Door open alert*
  • Shock detection*