Endpoint Security

Improve Your Business's Protection

As more firms go digital, it is crucial to guarantee strong cyber protection because the risks are growing daily. Numerous businesses continue to disregard their cyber security. Endpoint security solution is fantastic because it offers businesses a number of benefits. Application controls, Data loss protection (DLP), and next-generation antivirus protection are features of endpoint security antivirus. Let's talk about the surprising advantages of endpoint security, which is a terrific approach to protect your company.

Benefits of Using End Point Security Service from Tata Tele From protection against virus spyware, phishing, and hacking, to URL filtering, USB port blocking, and data theft, Endpoint Security effectively safeguards critical business data.

  • Neutralise Potential Threats
  • Comprehensive Data Protection
  • Higher Scalability, Enhanced Security
  • Enhanced Device Control
  • Competitive Security Enhancements
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Best-in-Class Asset Management
  • Critical Data Protection and Back-up
  • Safe Banking Module
  • Built-in DLP and Device Encryption