Web Security

Best Web Security Solution In India for Business

Today, many business employees use cloud-based applications and access the internet outside of their company's network. It is true that both the complexity and severity of the dynamic security landscape are growing. Firewalls alone are no longer sufficient to provide businesses with the necessary protection. Real-time protection is what is required right now. Your solution is Tate Tele Web Security.

Benefits of Using web Security Service from Tata Tele From total visibility into internet activity across all devices, users and locations, to determining the intent of web requests, Web Security watches out for you, at each step of your online journey.

  • High Performance DNS Service
  • No Complex Clients or Devices
  • Get Started in Minutes
  • Full Visibility Across all Network Devices, Locations and Users
  • DNS & IP Layer Protection
  • Best Threat Intelligence through CISCO AMP & Talos
  • Zero Day Protection from Domain Creation Monitoring
  • All IP Protection: Mobile, IoT, SIP
  • Web Filtering
  • Collective Security Intelligence
  • Intelligent Proxy
  • Cloud Management Portal