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Stakeholders' Tickets Help Desk is a cloud-based service that streamlines customer support activities by giving end users a single point of contact for help with a wide range of concerns. Users may log in and create tickets for both technical and non-technical issues. The technology is powered by TCS iON technology.

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The Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) Centrex solution provides your company....
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Hosted Contact Centre

Businesses today have largely embraced the growing significance of call centre solutions....
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Mobile Service

Tata Tele Service Provides all digital solutions customized for your industry. Connect with....
Mobile Service


The current situation calls for seamless connections that change to meet evolving.....
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SIP Trunk

Today's businesses look for tried-and-true interface solutions that can transport....
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Smart Office

Without the difficulties of buying various equipment or contacting multiple service....
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International Bridging

Keep in touch with your teams who are dispersed throughout the globe with....
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